In light of recent and incredibly disheartening events, I wanted to just take a moment and discuss how sick it makes me to hear about these young people being so upset that they took their own lives.

So, some people have wondered why I’m so upset about all this picking fun and bullying, when in essence, I have a website dedicated to pointing out goofy outfits. WhyDid is not meant to be a place to bully people or hurt people for no good reason. Highlighting a bad choice of clothing is much different than harassing someone for who they are. People can change their clothes, and change their hairstyles. It’s not funny or cool to ever make fun of people for their sexual orientation, race, or physical appearance.

When I was in highschool, I remember having to eat lunch in one of my teacher’s office because there was a group of girls that was so mean to me, I didn’t want to have to face them. Sometimes, I would just go sit outside and skip lunch altogether. While this was probably good for my waistline, it was bad for my soul. I hated getting up and going to school. I dreaded lunch. I dreaded seeing them in the halls. In the grand scheme of things, the extent of my “bullying” was probably a 2 on the scale of bullying, but at the time, I felt so alone and so depressed.

Some of my very favorite people on the planet are gay. It is beyond me that someone could ever hate or bully another person for their sexual preference . That would be like your friends bullying you for liking guys with brown hair. It’s so silly and so petty. People are people. Whether they like boys or girls or even both they deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. If you are being bullied, stay strong. In most (by most, I mean all) cases, the person bullying you is just so incredibly insecure that they are taking out their own deep rooted demons on you. It probably seems so difficult right now and so hurtful, but I promise if you stay tough and keep your head up, you WILL look back on this and understand it.

If you are bullying someone, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “Why am I so angry? Why am I filled with so much hate?”  Facing yourself may prove to be a lot more difficult than taking your aggression out on someone else.

Spread hope not hate.



If you need help: http://www.thetrevorproject.org/