So, I figured I’d throw you for a loop. I’ve done it once before… and figured a repeat was long overdue. That’s right, kids. It’s opposite day. Here’s a list of things that make me giggle as opposed to gasp.

  1. S’mores.
  2. Finding an extra $5 in your pocket. Coffee’s on me.
  3. Online shopping. It’s like Christmas/Hannukah every day!
  4. Unexpected flowers.
  5. This guy. When I start to feel sorry for myself, I see him and realize life’s not so bad.
  6. A warm, freshly washed towel right out of the shower.
  7. Dog Halloween costumes. giraffe-wiener-dog
  8. The smell of rain.
  9. Irony.
  10. Chandeliers.

Have a happy weekend. Back to ranting next week.