Have you ever been minding your own business when someone came out of nowhere and told you what to do?

A gentleman once informed my girlfriend when she was just wearing her sunglasses and trying to cross the street that it was not, in fact, sunny. She looked at him baffled. “I mean, well thank you, sir. I wasn’t aware that the well being of my pupils lied in your hands. I do, however, appreciate your concern.”

I understand the general comments like, “Your shoe’s untied” or “You’ve got something on your bum” but what about these unnecessary bits of advice? Are they necessary? Probs not.

On the other hand, my bf was manning the Gilt City Sprinkles cupcake truck, when he saw a man give his dog a CHOCOLATE cupcake. That’s right, chocolate. You know, the kind that kills dogs when they eat it. Anyway, he was concerned (as any normal animal lover would be) that the dog was going to die on the spot after ingesting such large quantities of cocoa. So, he said to the man that dogs are not supposed to eat chocolate. What did the man do? He gave a death stare and turned and walked away. I pray that poor pooch made it through the night and then packed his bones and left home.

So when is it okay to give advice and when should you keep your mouth shut? Remember the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie’s friend, Susan Sharon, asks for advice about whether or not to divorce her husband? It’s one of those tricky situations where you lose no matter what you say.

My vote? Unless your friend has spinach in her teeth or is about to fall down a manhole, it’s probably best to keep your mouth shut with the unnecessary commentary.