Empty Wallet

Oh it sure is hard to budget those bills as a fashionista. Sometimes our desire for the latest trend outweighs the urgency of paying that pesky electric bill. Sigh… Life’s hard.

So our interns were discussing that they had signed up for a site called Mint.com and were receiving emails scolding them for going over their budgets. This sounded incredibly intriguing so I went ahead and took my pretty little fingers and typed in the URL. Here is where I landed:

Picture 7With the click of a few buttons, Mint walks you through adding in your different bank accounts and credit cards. After all of that is entered, Mint takes a moment to go ahead and organize your numbers. A few calculations and TA-DA!! You can now see your debt versus your assets (Yikes!). With tools to help you save, set budgets, and meet goals, Mint will have your finances back on track in no time. You will get reminders when your account gets low or you have gone over your budget. There’s no lying to Mint.

To say this site is eye opening is an understatement. My net worth? Sad. Sad, sad net worth.

The days of balancing checkbooks are long gone, but that’s no reason to be going into debt. All savvy girls should have a handle on their finances. Because overdrafts, bounced checks and ,snipped credit cards are never in style.