When I have to put on pants, I don’t often put on anything but 7 For All Mankind Gweneveres. Sometimes, a girl has got to switch things up a little (who doesn’t like a little variety?). I remember while working at my first job for a clothing line, we attempted to bring back the skinny cargo pant. It didn’t quite catch on. Lo and behold, five years later… ta-da! The skinny cargo!

4145_olive_l7 For All Mankind Skinny Cargo, $169

Picture 7J Brand Houlihan Stretch Cargo Pants, $231

pl802641-00vliv01Sanctuary Runway Skinny Cargo, $119

Picture 7Bebe 2b Skinny Cargo, $39.95

Picture 8Tyte Pants Twill Zipper Skinny Cargos, $29.99

Pair your skinny cargos with a plain white t or a yummy cashmere v-neck and heels for a transitional fall look.

Don’t forget your packing peanuts. Safe travels.