With our crazy social schedules and busy lives, sometimes we forget to do something very, very important: Breathe. Not only do I mean this literally, but also quite figuratively.

Go commando: This may sound kind of gross, but it’s one of those necessities. It is good to sleep in the buff sometimes or with a nighty only. Your little girl down below needs fresh air too. Wearing tight clothing and thong underwear can cause discomfort and even bacterial infections. If you’re feeling a little too modest going commando, swap out your normal panties for a pair of cotton bikinis.

Show me some skin: Bad skin is cyclical. We get a breakout and feel the need to cover it up. By covering it up, we clog our skin… causing more breakouts. During the week, why not give your skin a break? Wash, moisturize, add a little cheek stain, mascara, and lip gloss and let that beautiful skin show.

Stop wining: Gosh, who doesn’t love a good glass of wine? Well, apparently the trick to really enjoying a great glass of wine is letting it breath. By allowing your wine to mingle with the air, the aroma will grow stronger and the flavors will become more obvious. There’s more to a great glass of wine than just uncorking the bottle.

Breathing room: At times, we can have emotional overload. Not all relationships are perfect. So there are times when instead of fighting it out, it’s best to give it some space and let it air out before delving back in. A little time away often does the trick.

I can see it in your eyes: If you are like the majority of the population and wear contact lenses, you also probably are cramping your eyeballs’ style. Every once in a while (read: two times a week) you should opt for your spectacles in order to give your peepers a rest.

This little piggy went home: Just like your eyes, sometimes your feet need a rest as well. Giving your tootsies a little breathing room can prevent any sort of stench or fungal diseases. Swap out your sneaks or your closed toe shoes for something with a bit of air.

Just breathe.