The other day a Clean and Clear commercial came on and the girls on there looked so fresh and pretty. I remember looking at their bouncy, beautiful locks and thinking, “Dang, I wish my hair was that thick!” Then I caught and reminded myself that there was no need to be jeal. Their hair was not even real!! Hair extensions can make all the difference in the world and ANYONE’s hair could look like that with the right stylist.

When I see these beautiful girls on TV with perfect hair, skin, faces, bodies, I worry about girls in this country. That’s a lot of pressure to try and live up to. I don’t think that most girls realize that half (okay more than half) of what they are seeing on TV isn’t real! There are so many things going on behind the scenes that you would never even know (and these go far beyond the old Vaseline on your teeth trick).


  • Hair extensions- Basically every single girl on television or in the movies has some form of hair enhancement. Whether it be Great Lengths or good ol’ clip ins, there are secrets in her hair.
  • Makeup- You would not BELIEVE what can be done with the use of clever makeup tricks. Blemishes are banished, cheekbones created, eyes widened. You may sit down in the makeup chair as one person and leave as another.
  • Photoshop- Just in case they didn’t quite catch something in makeup, the fine folks over in editing will fix you right up. I once saw a photoshpped picture of myself and wanted to cry. I was now aware of all my flaws and wanted to fix them ASAP so I could look like the girl in that photo.
  • Surgery- Some may go under the knife while others just opt for injectables, but you can be pretty sure that most of Hollywood has had some type of work done. They deny, deny, deny and that bums me out because it’s giving girls a false sense of reality.
  • Crazy diets and workouts- Celebs don’t just look that great by eating cheeseburgers. They have the BEST trainers and nutritionists on the planet, and this is for loosing weight and for weight gain, but you can try the best legal steroids for bulking and get the body you want! If that doesn’t work, don’t forget about body sculpting makeup tricks and photoshop!

Britney_Spears_Candies_1So next time you turn on the TV or pass the rack of glossy magazine covers on your way to the checkout line, don’t feel bad about yourself. You too could look like these lovely ladies with the right beauty and fitness arsenal. I have been lucky enough to live in places where I can see the behind the scenes shenanigans and it breaks my heart to think that girls across the country (and world) hold themselves to such high (unrealistic) standards. None of it’s real! Next thing you know they’re gonna tell me The Hills is fake. Wait… what?