So, while watching TV last night, a couple of commercials really caught my attention. Both were geared towards killing germs, but they really just killed me.

First up, we have Lysol No Touch soap dispenser. I mean, how dirty is your bathroom/soap dispenser that you can’t touch it? Furthermore, you are touching it in order to dispense the soap. Meaning that you will then WASH YOUR HANDS.  We have lived decades with good ol’ fashioned soap dispensers and- gasp- soap DISHES! No one has been know to die from sharing soap. This thing is not only a ploy, it’s also an eye sore for your bathroom decor.

Picture 1

Moving right along… Gold Bond now has a hand sanitizer that is also a lotion. I, for one, don’t buy it. When I’m killing germs off of my skin, I want to feel them being burned off with lots of alcohol and other things that are bad for my skin. Wouldn’t rubbing lotion on my hands merely be just rubbing those germs around from one place on my dermis to another? Thought so.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not bashing hand washing. Heavens, no. By all means, wash those hands (especially before eating and after using the restroom or other dirty public venues)! I’m simply stating that there’s nothing wrong with a good old bar of soap and some water. Keep it clean.