Ever have one of those days where you just wish you could leave your pajamas on and carry on as usual? Sigh. Me too. So, I got to thinking. Why wouldn’t I just leave on my pj’s? I think by now you’re probably well aware how I feel about shorts, so it should come as no surprise that I’ve managed to combine all of these things into something totally wearable. Pair some silky shorts with a slouchy t, high heels, touseled hair and some chunky gold jewelry for a just outta bed look that will have all the boys giving you bedroom eyes.

julianne-a9-luisa-1fJulianne Maria shorts, $59

ALXT22P710DUST_1T by Alexander Wang tencel shorts, $95

Picture 1Kiki De Montparnasse lounge boyshort, $150

RSASC300_05American Apparel satin charmeuse roller short, $22

Navar shorts camel  02Navar one button short, $188


Sleep tight.