Where, oh, where does the time go? Seems like I was just detailing the things that make my blood boil and skin crawl… yet, here we are again.

  1. Dropping red nail polish in your bathroom, shattering it, and “re-decorating” in the process. IMG00128-20100709-0145
  2. People who talk on their cell phones at the gym. I mean, I text but that’s tooootally different… right?
  3. Re-runs.
  4. Harem pants. Give it up, already.
  5. Back fat. (And apparently I’m not alone in this). IMG00114-20100706-1537
  6. Humidity. Heat is one thing, but now  you’re messing with my hair. We have problems.
  7. Pigeons. In all contexts.
  8. Cleaned out my closet the other day… Look who I found hiding in there:alg_bachelor_jake-pavelka
  9. Have we forgotten about that pesky lil’ oil spill thingy?
  10. Lebron James… really?

Until next time…