I’m heading to Australia this fabulous Munchin’ Monday and I figured I’d leave you with a list of the best Aussie places in Manhattan so you can get a little taste of the land down under for yourselves. I won’t be blogging for a month while I’m there, so take that time to catch up on all the fabulous places I’ve reviewed and get yourselves ready for more once I return.


I’ll make sure to have a meat pie for you while I’m gone! I’m also dying to try Kangaroo (I only got to pet one last time), so wait to hear all about that once I return! Or you can always beat me to it and go and eat at one of the places mentioned below.

I have a feeling most of you have never thought about how many Aussie places there are in NYC. Well, there are quite a few. From low end to high end, restaurants and bars, of course NYC has a little taste of everything- including Oz.

  1. Public
  2. Eight Mile Creek
  3. Tuck Shop (my fave meat pie in the city)
  4. Van Diemens
  5. The Australian
  6. The Sunburnt Cow
  7. Bondi Road

G’day Mates!

See you when I return!