You may or may not have noticed there’s been some changes here and there at WhyDid. We’ve been testing things out, seeing what fits. Kind of like in the dressing room of Intermix. Some things look amaze, while others were like a silk charmeuse dress during period week. Basically, we’re giving WhyDid a serious makeover and who the hell doesn’t love a good makeover? Nobody.

After some feedback from our much loved readers and friends, we’ve obv taken your thoughts and needs into consideration and are planning on making WhyDid way more fun and easy to navigate (we’d make totally awesome gf’s, right?).

Hold onto your pantaloons though, we’ve just begun with our revamping and like all good things, this does take some time. So keep on reading daily and get ready for the big relaunch. Consider this like foreplay.

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We’re really excited…. like, really, really. Hope you are too!