Well, folks, I’ve seen a lot of things, but this may take the cake.

rear gear

In case you’re sick of your pet’s “brown eye” you can now purchase a little something called Rear Gear to cover up that unsightly hole. Heaven knows you don’t want Fido to be ostracized at the puppy park because his hind quarters aren’t up to snuff (or sniff).

rear gear2

Coming in many different styles, you’re pal can be the cat’s meow while wearing his Rear Gear with pride. This takes buttjazzling to the next level.

rear gear3

Haven’t these people ever heard of giving your K9 a bath? Or perhaps something called a Wet Wipe? I was not aware people were so offended by their furry companions anus.

rear gear4

Don’t worry, Smitty. Mom isn’t going to buy into this one. Just pajamas and polos for you, my friend.