Summer is the time of year where ladies love to bear it all. We’ve perfected our spray tans and spent hours in the gym to get our glutes in tip top shape.  In all honesty, we’ve earned it.  However, there are tricks to making our barely there outfits work without being utterly offensive.

One of the biggest offenders all times of the year is VPL (visible panty lines).  We all know what this is (for heaven’s sake, even my Dad knows what VPL stands for).  I would hope by now, that everyone knows you need to wear a thong if you are wearing tight pants or a tight skirt.  Taking it one step further, sometimes a thong alone doesn’t cut it.  With very sheer or clingy fabrics, sometimes the outline of your thong will still show giving you unnecessary lumps and bumps.  You might be tempted to just go sans panties, but rather than show us your Paris/Britney, I have another solution.  Enter the Commando Tiny Thong. Lots of places have introduced seamless, no-show panties, but these are the original tried and true.  Having worn these myself, I can vouch that you will not see even the tiniest seam, not even under a body skimming chiffon dress. They have several variations of these panties, I prefer the Tiny Thong (it’s the least amount of fabric, obvi).

Another offender? Illegal use of bra straps.  I am totally cool with showing a beautiful bra under a see through blouse, or having a bit of your lacy bra pop out, but ONLY when done appropriately and intentionally (a la Carrie Bradshaw).  Not only are there tons of bras out there to allow you to re-configure your straps, there are also now gadgets  that are meant specifically for hiding your straps. Hollywood Hook Ups are a great option (a lot better than my MacGyver tricks involving safety pins and rubber bands).



2crafdyHaving a royal nip slip can also put a damper on your summer evening out.  To avoid this, just grab some double sided tape to hold your drapey blouse in place.  I like Matchsticks because they are in cute pink packaging that you can just pop in your purse.


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