Oh it’s about that time of year again. You know, the warm weather we have been wishing for but then curse it when it gets here. “It’s too hot.” “This humidity is killing me!” You know what I’m talking about.

On a positive note, it’s time to bust out the sundresses, strappy sandals, and shades.  While you overhaul your closet, tucking your sweaters away and positioning your short shorts front and center, it’s also time to tuck your flat iron away. Stick straight hair for the summer is just too fussy, not to mention that it is a completely futile effort.

It’s time for sexy, wild wavy beach hair. How do you get this Gisele hair without looking like Amy Winehouse you ask? A few simple tricks will get you on your way to looking like a mermaid who just found her legs and crawled out of the ocean to meet her Prince Eric.

After you wash your hair, apply a salt spray/wave spray to damp hair. There are several different options out there. I like Bumble and Bumble South Surf Spray andFrederic Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Beach Waves. Then wrap hair in a loose bun and pin in place.  Allow your hair to dry in and unpin when hair is mostly dry.  This will create loose waves.  Touch up any wonky strands with a large curling iron. Make sure to leave the ends out because you don’t want it to look like pageant hair. Mist with hair spray and tousle with your fingers. Voila! You are a sexy sea maiden.

Some will suggest creating this entire look with a curling iron, but I don’t believe it stays as well and it is also causing unnecessary damage to your hair (not what it needs during the humid summer months).  If you have super straight or fine hair that just will not curl, I suggest using a wave iron like this one.  I warn you though, use it sparingly in order to avoid looking like a crimped poodle. Not even close to hot.