Oh, my loves. I didn’t forget about you yesterday. However, I apparently booked a one way ticket to Planet Suck and had no time to post any of my witty and brilliant banter for you to read while pretending to be productive at work.  No worries, I worked it out with my travel agent and am back to the real world.

Anyhow, because you may have felt neglected yesterday, here is a little mindless fodder for you.


Here’s a photo of Lindsay Lohan launching her legging line (6126) at Henri Bendel earlier this year.  Her hair looks like a throwback to Splash while her “leggings” look like she ran into Edward Scissor Hands on her way to the event.  Fun fact: did you know that Lindsay’s legging line has a pair called “Mr. President” with quilted knee pads? Classy.


And here is LiLo at gf/ex-gf’s sister’s (Charlotte Ronson) fashion show.  I know the whole “cold shoulder” look is making a comeback, but um.. not with bra straps. And if you MUST do the bra straps (though I’m not sure why) at least have them color coordinated.


Here is Linday wearing her grandmother’s doilies from the back of her love seat.  Wait, what?

And since you are probably gagging somewhere, here is something to wash these photos down with:

Dirty Lohan (my girlfriends and I concocted this a couple of years ago- a “dirtier” version of a Shirley Temple).



-Splash of Grenadine

-Maraschino cherry