So, you’ve probably seen all of these commercials advertising the new mascaras that are supposed to be essentially “extensions” for your eyelashes.  What makes these mascaras unique is that they use microfiber formulas that create little tubes around your eyelashes in order to create volume and extra length.  Well, guess what? I’ve taken it upon myself to try a few of them out.  I tested Maybelline XXL Extensions XX-treme Length Microfiber Mascra, Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Lash Extension Effect Mascara, and Revlon Lash Fantasy Total Definition Mascara.  Below are my thoughts on each:


Maybelline was my first trial of the bunch.  I immediately liked it.  My lashes were definitely longer and thicker.  They weren’t clumpy and they still looked very, very natural.  The only downfall, was that this formula dries out quickly.  You would have to replace it frequently.  Also, the results weren’t really that dramatic. So I marched on.




Next up was Revlon’s version of miracle mascara.  Upon my first use, I was disappointed.  The brush is really weird and didn’t feel as effective during application.  The formula was much more runny that Maybelline’s.  My lashes were definitely longer, but not as thick.  They did have a tendency to clump as well.  After a few days of use, the formula thickened up a bit and I liked it better, but still was not sold on this one.


Apparently, the third time is a charm because the last mascara I tested was from Loreal.  Hands down, this was my favorite.  It combined both things that I liked about the two previous trials.  The brush was better, the formula was in between the thick version and the runny version. With this mascara, there was an obvious difference.  My lashes were REALLY long and thick.  The only thing that might deter people or freak them out is when you wash off the mascara.  The tubes literally will come off in clumps and this can be frightening because you’re going to think they are your eyelashes, but I can promise they are not!  Trust me, I would not use mascara that made my eyelashes fall out.

These were just the “drug store” versions of these “eye lash extension” mascaras.  Fiberwig, Blinc, and Lancome all have more expensive versions available at So go out and try them yourself and start batting those eyelashes at some lucky cute suitor.