Another edition of “Don’t Drink and Dress” though I kind of feel like this one is more like, “Don’t Dress and then Drink.”

Staying true to my roots, some commentary on these horrific fashion catastrophes. (My apolgies in advance to the drummers).

I’m not sure if this party was “jungle” themed, but these prints are too big and too difficult. They essentially make the girls look bigger than they are. Wouldn’t be easy for anyone to pull off.

I know EXACTLY what this scenario is. These are corporate ladies (perhaps bankers or lawyers) who went out after work with their colleagues. A girlfriend and I used to have such a great time guessing what their titles were. “Ooh, there’s Cathy from accounting, and Debbie from HR.”  Either way, I know some super hot and stylish bankers and lawyers who would NEVER go out wearing these outfits. (But you all know what I’m talking about).

Okay, so their outfits aren’t entirely offensive. I mean, plaid is in (this shape isn’t particularly flattering, but whatever). What is utterly offensive is their behavior! Would you want your mother to see this photo? Didn’t think so.

Watch out Hermione, this one’s coming for your man, Harry Potter, as well as your magical powers.

*Note: this is not a Halloween party.

And the cherry on the top of the sundae. I can’t understand what is going on with this dress in the first place. But how unlady like! Please, girls, keep your hoo-ha’s covered. I’m crossing my fingers she was wearing boyshorts.

  • My thanks to Rob Rich for capturing such bad behavior (and bad outfits). Maybe I should get him on my payroll.