We are so glad it’s Friday and the work week is finally over. Enough with the spreadsheets and the crashing stock market. On to much more important things… What are you going to wear tonight?

Whether it’s an impromptu night out with the girls or an all important first date, we’ve got you covered. Below are two easy and CHEAP options.


This is a great dress for a first date because while it shows off your shape, it is not revealing every inch of your body. My father always told me what is not revealed is much more attractive than putting it all out there (I know he’s my dad, but I do think he is absolutely correct on this). Ask a French girl, she’ll agree. Your date will be wondering what is going on under that dress, but he’ll know he’s not getting any further than your front door.

$36 at American Apparel.


This is a great dress with tights and short booties. It comes in multiple colors. This look totally on trend with the “body-con” craze. Scoop neck with even lower back (warning- you can not wear a bra with this). Perfect for a night out with the girls… and a definite way to score a date for next Friday 😉 Best of all it is only $36!

You may want to purchase these to go with this dress: http://www.hollywoodfashiontape.com/products_cover_ups.cfm

Both dresses are available at American Apparel: www.americanapparelstore.com