We’ve all done it.  Having a little glass of wine while getting ready for the evening and suddenly our eyeliner isn’t on as straight as it should be and our ability to distinguish the difference between black and navy has become blurred.

Below is a perfect example of what can happen when you drink before dressing… and then continue to drink some more…

Ignoring the strange arm movement and 8th grade dance moves and the fact that it’s 40 degrees in NY, this outfit is totally inappropriate. She looks like perhaps she had a fantastic vintage dress that was a little sheer and so she needed to put on a slip. However, after a few too many Kirs while getting ready, she totally FORGOT to put on her dress! Oops.

And from the back…. (Please also notice the atrocious outfit to the back right in this photo).

Dear lord, I hope she made it home safely…

Now, put down your tequila shot and finish with the flatiron first.