I’m Baggin That

By |March 12th, 2010|Why Did You Wear That?, WhyDid Wisdom|


Okay, so you’ve got the tan. You’ve got the suit. Frosty beverage is in hand. So what’s in your bag? Packing for a day at the pool or by the beach is serious business. No one wants to run back up to the room because they forgot something. So let’s get it right the first time around. There are several crucial items that you should always have stashed in your beach bag. Let’s start at the top.

The bag:

I know there are a lot of options out there, but I think a waterproof/resistant bag is a safe bet. It’s prob going to get wet and/or sandy. No reason to spend five billion dollars on a beach bag, but it should certainly still be cute.

diavf2094728998_p1_v1_m56577569831881094_254x500DVF Egypt Tattoo Beach Tote, $75

The hat:

You don’t necessarily need to wear it all day, but it is good to have on hand in case your nose gets a little too much sun or heaven forbid your ex shows up at the pool and you need a quick disguise. A large floppy one is great because you can stash it in your bag and not worry about it getting crushed. Just pull it out, shake it out, and voila! Instant shade.

pROXY1-7147938t382x444Roxy Sandbox Hat, $28

The coverup:

You need to get to and from the pool, so you’re going to need something to wear over your slinky suit. Get a coverup that can also double as clothing if need be. You never know how many cute boys you may meet that want to take you for a bite after lounging in the sun.

irissinger_2096_1286710341Mara Hoffman Chiffon Drape Coverup, $305

The contents:

Okay, here we go. All the items that you need to go ahead and make certain are in your bag:

  • Sunblock. You should ALWAYS be wearing at least SPF 15. I don’t know how else to pound this into your heads. Skin cancer + premature aging = not sexy.
  • Lip balm- not gloss. Guess why? Lip gloss is like putting oil on your skin. It actually will increase your chances of getting a sunburn on your lips. Ouch! Try to also get some lip balm with SPF.
  • Sunglasses. I mean, this is pretty obvious. They are so essential for so many reasons. They can hide a bad hangover, provide yet another form of disguise, prevent squinting (squinting causes crows feet, people), and they’re obvi a great accessory. Be sure to grab a case for them as well. Don’t want sand scratching up the lenses.
  • Bottled water. I’ll probably have some environmentalists yelling at me for this, but how else would you like to carry my water? Perhaps a canteen? Hydration is really important in order not to get overheated in warm climates.  (To appease the environmental activists- refill the same bottle with water when you run out. Happy?)
  • Trashy beach read. I am the queen of “pink books.” My bookshelf basically consists of those and business books (I know…). Might I suggest some Candace Bushnell?
  • iPod. You may actually get sick of your bff’s constant babble about her ex-bf and want to shove some headphones in your ears to drown out her drone. Why not pick up a water resistant case for your iPod?
  • Camera. Obviously you want to document how fab you look sitting by the pool so you can immediately upload to Facebook.  If you’re really ambitious, you’ll invest in a Flip cam like us.
  • Aloe/after sun lotion. Your skin will be parched after a day of sun. Give it some TLC. (This will also extend your tan).

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your day in the sun. (And send us your best beach pics!)