Why Did You Wear That: That’s a Rap

By |November 19th, 2013|Why Did You Wear That?|

mixtapeMuch to the chagrin of my mother, I grew up loving rap music.  I’m not sure I can explain exactly why, but there’s something about the way you feel when the beat drops and I have a deep appreciation for anyone who can find a way to rhyme words that have absolutely no business being rhymed, let alone combined. I can still recite every lyric to “Regulate” and “Shoop” will forever and always be my go to karaoke song.  As a true style schizophrenic, there was a period of time when I was known to wear oversized polos and adidas sneakers with my hair slicked back like a white boricua.  There are photos… somewhere… and they need to be burned…

But alas, perhaps I should have held onto some of my street style essentials as they are making quite the comeback along with the rest of the 90’s.  Not only have Doc Martens regained popularity, so have Timberland boots.  I had the coolest pink pair in middle school… which would have been worth bringing out of the archives.  But since they’ve long been retired, there are plenty of ways to recreate the look of street chic without looking like a bad remix.

1. Married to the Mob x UO Ride or Die Beanie, 2. adidas Back Zip Zigzag Dress, 3. Supra Society Paisley Pattern High Top Sneaker, 4. Forever 21 Street Chic Bad Hoops, 5. The Mountain Rottweiler Face Sweatshirt, 6. Mason by Michelle Mason Houndstooth Sweatpants, 7. adidas Heritage Snapback Hat, 8. BDG Denim Overall, 9. Timberland Premium Booties, 10. Sara Designs All Chain Wrap Watch, 11. Jonathan Simkhai Leather Check Sweatshirt, 12. Skaist Taylor Leopard Knit Miniskirt, 13.Puma Sky High Wedge Scaled Animal High Top 

And ya don’t stop.




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