Setting the Mood: It Was All a Dream

By |June 24th, 2013|Setting the Mood|

This past weekend marked the official beginning of summer as well that whole super moon phenomenon.  Busy weekend, eh, Mother Nature?  If you’re less of a recluse than I, you may have found yourself celebrating a little something called Midsummer.  Now, I’m not sure why exactly it would be considered “midsummer” if it is, in fact, the first official day of summer or summer solstice.  I’m not here to be the fun police though, so whatever the case may be, I like what they’re selling and I’ll buy it.  There is no better time to deem yourself a gypsy or child of the flowers by adding some floral accessories to your tiny tanks and flowing skirts.  Grab your flower crowns, girls (or make one like I did) and start shimmying.  It’s officially summertime, ya’ll.

flower accessories1. tuleste market Large Flower Necklace, 2. Heidi London Round Floral Sunglasses, 3. Rebecca Minkoff Floral Mini MAC Bag, 4. Large Flower Crown Headwrap, 5. Jacquie Aiche Diamond Flower Ring

Don’t wake me up.



Setting the Mood: Dream a Little Dream

By |June 25th, 2012|Setting the Mood|

midsummer nights dream themeWell, it is officially summer.  June 20th (typically the 21st , damn you, leap year) marked summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year.  This may bring visions of starry lit soirees, dining al fresco, and soft cascading fabrics.  What better time to channel Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  No, I don’t mean that of the pasties and panties of the Playboy Mansion.  I mean ethereal makeup and hair full of flowers.  Sheer chiffons and strappy sandals.

If you happen to be a fan of HBO’s Girls (um, of course you are), you watched the wild Jessa tie the knot wearing a dress so simple and Bohemian, she could have been a character straight from the play.  It was the perfect casual summer frock to wear when saying “I do.”  Heck, it would have been a lot cheaper than an $8,500 Vera Wang (anyone need a dress?).  So whether you are looking to tie the knot in something simple or just sport a fresh and summery frock, let Jessa’s look and Shakespeare’s intoxicating tale lead your wardrobe inspiration.

jessa wedding look girlsdress: Morning Story Dress, $188, headband: Deepa Gurnani Floral Crystal Headband, $195, shoes: Miu Miu Strappy Peep Toe Platform, $790

O, hell! to choose love by another’s eyes.