Setting the Mood: Pet Project

By |January 23rd, 2012|Setting the Mood|

When people ask me what I’m passionate about, there are two things that always come up: fashion and animals.  I can understand why some might furrow their brows in confusion upon hearing that.  They don’t seem like two things that normally go together.  My parents thought I might become a veterinarian seeing as I was always begging for a new pet, be it a guinea pig or a pot belly pig.  I’m also the same kid who rescued and bottle fed baby squirrels and wild rabbits.  And I think I’ve been quite clear about Smitty.  Then again, my first temper tantrum was over a pair or red patent leather shoes…

I have always wished for a way to combine two of my great loves.  Just short of starting a dog t-shirt line, I haven’t been able to come up with much.  However, it seems I’m not alone in my love for all things furry.  These photos show just how much a pooch can add to your Prada or a kitty can jazz up your Calvins.  Turns out your furry friend may very well be your best accessory.

1. Space Living Bosco Dog Bed, $67, 2. Balenciaga Classic Dog Leash, $295, 3. Bark n Bag Luxury Plush Pet Toy Set, $32, 4. I LOVE MY DOG Sweater, $130

Sit.  Stay.  Good girl.