Why Did You Wear That: C’est La Vie (Active)

By |July 27th, 2014|Personal Style, Why Did You Wear That?|

vie activewearI can’t deny that I have a hard time stomaching dropping hundreds of dollars on pricey activewear, especially when it seems as of late, my entire clothing budget has gone basically to sports bras, compression pants, and sneakers.  You should smell my hamper.  However, fitness has become such a thing (um, been on Instagram lately?) that department stores such as Saks and online retailers like Net-A-Porter have dedicated entire categories to designer activewear.  Long gone are the days of just tossing on your boyfriend’s boxers and a ratty t-shirt to rally at the gym.  When I look around my Pilates class, it’s a full fledged fashion show with one toned body looked more chic than the next.  Fitness is having a serious fashion moment.

There is little else that’s worse than catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror behind you mid burpee to see that your pants are startlingly sheer (recall lululemon-gate?).  There have been times when I could have told half the women in my classes what color their knickers were because they shone through during downward facing fanny.  Really, the only thing I can think of that’s worse is finding out how many calories I’ve consumed in a day.  Along with tracking my runs with Runkeeper, I downloaded a little iPhone app called My Fitness Pal.  Spoiler alert, ladies: there are a lot of calories in wine.

So, perhaps there is something to spending a little extra when it comes to your workout wear.  When Australian activewear brand, Vie Active, contacted me about testing out their wares, I jumped, literally, at the chance.  In an industry without a ton of room for interpretation, Vie Active has kept things fun and functional combining bold prints with high tech fabrics that will ensure you look nothing remotely close to a gym rat.

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nike flyknit luna vie activewear

dancer pose yog vie activewearvie activewear nike flyknit workoutpants and sports bra c/o Vie Active, shoes: Nike, hair: combination fishtail braid and milkmaid braids




Photos by Michael Stiegler