Real People, Real Style: She’s the Manns

By |March 7th, 2012|Real People Real Style|

Whitney Manns WM Wardrobe ConsultingI’ve known Whitney longer than I’ve known some of my best friends.  She’s what got me through 8th period of  my senior year in highschool.  Always funny, always positive, she made even the most mundane reading more fun.  Little did I know that we had a lot more in common than our navy blue blazers and Mr. Fischer’s senior English class.

Name: Whitney Manns

Wearing: Fitted Red Shift Dress from Asos.com, Stella and Dot Pegasus Necklace, Nude Vince Camuto Pumps

Occupation: Owner and Stylist of WM Wardrobe Consultant

Hometown/Current Town: the small town of Lake Charles, Louisiana

1. I would describe my style as:  Sophisticated chic, on the safe side. I love classic lines of outfits and mixing random colors together but never step over the edge to be overly fashion forward because I never want to scare away any potential clients.

2.  I can’t leave the house without: Cardigan! Love my cardigans (could be because I’m always cold) even if its stuff in one of my ‘Mary Poppins’ size purses. Oooh- and either one of my silver or gold Michael Kors’ Watches, love the chunky boyfriend watch look.

3. Based on wardrobe alone, if I could live in any time period, it would be: The 50’s with all its body fitting outfits but still classy looks.

4. Best/biggest splurge (worth every penny): My first Milly dress, which I still own and wear. When I was first on my own and making my own money I couldn’t believe I was spending half my rent on a dress. However, I Love this designer with her adorable prints, she can make any simple structured dress look amazing.

5. Best fashion advice I’ve ever received: I don’t really know if I was ever told fashion advice more that i learned things gradually, but I guess the one thing i live by is to not be scared to think outside the box.

6. Biggest fashion pet peeve (a trend that just needs to go away): This isn’t so much a trend but a common mistake with ladies trying too hard to look fashionable but its when someone tries to wear too many trends in one outfit!

7. What I would tell my 13 year old self: To Stop wearing that turquoise track suit everyday because it really isn’t that cute.

8. Weirdest beauty trick that I swear by: I really don’t have any!

9. Don’t care if it ever goes out of style, I’m going to keep wearing: my Skinny jeans!

10. I would love to trade closets with: I admire Katie’s Holmes taste in clothes.

Fun fact:  My love for clothes started as a love/hate relationship.  When I was younger I was frustrated with not being stylish but wanted to just wear what I thought looked right. This relationship became stronger after all the art classes I took, evolving into the passion I have for clothes now.

Three years ago, I decided to help others with their struggle or desire to build their fashion relationship.  WM Wardrobe Consulting now has clients in many states and cities and has helped build the confidence level in many women and men through personal shopping and outfit coordinating.


So, if you’re in need of a little closet overhaul get in touch with Whitney STAT.  Not only will she work wonders for your closet, she can also recite E. E. Cummings.



Photo via Lindsey Janies