Friday Frocks: In the Red

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red dress whydid kirsten smithNew York may be called the Big Apple, but when it comes to that shiny red skin, we’d prefer it be rotten.  New Yorkers tend to favor the LBD over the LRD because wearing color makes us nervous.  Regardless of New York’s aversion to any other shade of black than black, a red dress is a closet staple, especially around the holiday season.  Much like the “bend and snap,” an LRD works every time.  You may be saying, “But I don’t look good in red.”  Fortunately for your pretty little whining self, there are enough shades of red that at least one will complement your skin tone and hair color- from crimson to cranberry.  So take a step outside of your comfort zone during the party circuit this year and dare to draw some attention to yourself in any various shade of red.

red dresses holiday1. Zimmermann Sueded Bralette Dress, 2. Bec & Bridge Bon Bon Long Sleeve Dress, 3. Noam Hanoch Russo Mini Dress, 4. Nili Lotan Mock Neck Gown, 5. Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Andrea Guipire Lace Dress, 6.Issa Haley Dress, 7. A.L.C. Aldridge Dress, 8. Halston Heritage Embellished One Shoulder Stretch Crepe Gown, 9. VERSACE Mini Dress, 10. Carmella Michelli Dress


Friday Frocks: Jump At the Chance

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jumping jumpsuit whydidTechnically not a frocks… because, well, they’re not dresses, jumpsuits are panted versions of the maxi dress.  A jumpsuit can be both casual and comfortable as well as silky and sleek.  Whether you opt for uptown or down, just fair warning: it’s going to be a struggle in the bathroom.  Allow for extra time and be prepared for angry, full bladdered women to anxiously sigh while repeatedly interrupting your bathroom break with angry knocks as you try to free yourself from straps, belts, and other accoutrements.  That aside, jumpsuits are kind of like wearing very stylish onesie pajamas out in public without attracting public scrutiny, plus you don’t need to bother shaving.  Jump at the chance to wear one this weekend.

jumpsuits rompers1. Tbags Los Angeles Convertible Jumpsuit, 2. Rory Beca Ludo Jumpsuit, 3. Jen’s Pirate Booty Borobudur Jumper, 4. Diane von Furstenberg Shany Printed Silk Jumpsuit, 5. Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen Tank Drawstring Jumpsuit, 6. ISSA Valerie Jumpsuit, 7. J. Crew Collection Spike Printed Silk Jumpsuit, 8.Flynn Skye Not Just a Jumpsuit, 9. Charlie Jade Sleeveless Jumpsuit, 10. Mara Hoffman Printed Stretch Modal Jumpsuit



Friday Frocks: Life’s a Beach

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Can you pass me the SPF, please?  Oh… right.  It’s snowing here.  That means a couple of things.  1. It’s time for me to go home (to California).  2. It’s also time to transport myself (mentally) to a place with warm breezes, cool cocktails, and soft white sand.  How does one do that you ask?  Well, first of all, whip yourself up a strawberry daiquiri, put on some Bob Marley, and then peruse these vacation worthy frocks.  After you’ve convinced yourself you’re somewhere warm, head over to Jet Setter and start booking your next exotic getaway.

1. Sass & Bide Pick N’ Mix Embroidered Strapless Dress, $795, 2. Zimmermann Contrast Halter Dress, $277.20, 3. Issa Short Kimono Dress, $595, 4. Elizabeth and James Paloma Dress, $345, 5. Mara Hoffman King Tut Maxi Dress, $238, 6. M by Missoni Black and Magenta Multicolor Sleeveless Dress, $665, 7. Milly Gustavia Dip Dyed Maxi Dress, $595, 8. Naven Bombshell Dress with Shirring, $345, 9. Halston Heritage Halter Gown, $645, 10. French Connection Multi Jag Stripe Dress, $128

Bon voyage.




Friday Frocks: The Anti-Sparkle Dress

By |December 23rd, 2011|Friday Frocks, Why Did You Wear That?|

It was recently brought to my attention that not every woman is interested in decking herself out from head to toe in sequins, glitter, and sparkles.  I know.  I can hardly believe it myself.  Why would you not want to risk damaging the eyes of those around you with the blinding glimmer of your festive frock?  Mind boggling really.  Well, anyway, if you are one of the lovely ladies who is just not feeling all that glitters, it would prove to be somewhat difficult to navigate the racks and racks of embellished, beaded, and rhinestoned attire.  Lucky for you, I’ve found some absolutely cocktail party appropriate frocks with nary a sequin in sight.

1. Motel High Contrast Dress, $79.99, 2. Alice + Olivia Tamira Leather Bustier Dress, $596, 3. Parker Double Flared Sleeve Dress, $209, 4. Helmut Lang Long Drape Dress, $275, 5. Tibi Long Sleeve Dress with Cutout Back, $396, 6. Diane von Furstenberg Enny Dress, $375, 7. French Connection Shelby Stripe Pleat Dress, $198, 8. Porter Grey Sleeveless Dress, $385, 9. Tibi Silk and Lace Dress, $515, 10. Issa Short Kimono Dress, $595

And wouldn’t you know?  These dresses are the perfect solid palates to adorn with some sparkly accessories.




Girl Crush: Kiss Me Kate!

By |April 28th, 2011|Celebrity Style, Why Did You Wear That?|

As we all wait with bated breath to see what the beautiful brunette Kate Middelton will wear when she walks down the aisle to wed William, let’s take a look back at a few of her fabulous outfits.

I mean, despite the obvious- she’s gorgeous- this princess in waiting has completely mastered polished and timeless attire.  Knee high boots, tights, fitted frocks, and of course, quirky headwear are just a few of her staples.

While the girl knows how to dress the part, what I’m really impressed with the way she played her cards. If you’re under the impression that Kate and Wills just locked across eyes across the university cafeteria and the rest was history, you’re mistaken.

There was Jecca and Anna and Arabella. Oh my.

What did Kate do?  Handled herself with class and dignity.  She let William sew his wild oats while keeping her composure and proving that looking good is definitely the best revenge.

1. French Connection City Crepe Dress, $178, 2. Miss Sixty Thurles Hat, $59, 3. Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti  Short Dress, $680, 4. Burberry Leather Detail Trench Coat, $1,195, 5. Conair  Big Curls Travel Setter, $17.99, 6. Moschino Cheap & Chic Tie Neck Felt Oversize Button Coat, $1,295, 7. Giuseppe Zanotti Black Suede Foldover Boots, $488, 8. Fred Flare Tango Feathered Headband, $10

She may technically be considered a “commoner” but she is truly and exquisite woman teeming with class, grace  – all the ingredients of a princess.