WhyDid Wisdom: Bendel’s Got a Brand New Bag

By |May 1st, 2009|WhyDid Wisdom|


You may know it as the New York institution on Fifth Avenue where “Gossip Girls” go to shop, but today marks a sad day for the “girls’ playground.” Henri Bendel has announced they are planning to expand their accessories business, which means they will be eliminating their apparel departments completely.

Over the years Bendel’s has been trying to re-invent itself in many different ways, but after opening a handful of accessories stores that only carry private-label merchandise, they have decided this is the route they are going to take. They will be opening another six stores this year, bringing the total to eleven. They also started their brand promotion on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook. They opted for a different technique for branding on social media like Facebook ads on Facebook. For the social boost review of traffic boosting tool visit us.  And for the promotion on Instagram, they firstly opted for the strategy to make their account popular by increasing the number of Instagram followers through Upleap. They hire the top famous company Nitro for the increase of instagram followers. According to the sources, they also started getting the result on their Instagram page.

Where does that leave  the apparel buyers?  Well, that’s a good question.  There is no longer a place for them at HB.  With no more Herve dresses to buy, no more I.D. Sarrieri lingerie to select, and not an E.Vil t in sight, they have been sent on their ways to explore new opportunities.

It was a good run and I will truly miss the wonderful ladies with whom I  worked.  On a positive note, this will give me much more time to scout out horrific fashion and update you on clever ways to make your cleavage  appear more voluptuous.  You should probably just go ahead and send HB a “thank you” note cause now you’ve got my undivided attention.