Why Did You Wear That: Hot Child in the City

By |July 9th, 2013|Personal Style|

When I opted not to hop a flight to New Hampshire, I found that the city was essentially empty this past weekend.  It was like my own little Manhattan.  And while it sure is nice to have the sidewalks all to myself, it can also feel a little like the apocalypse.  Fortunately, a few friends also chose to stick around, so we made the best of our sticky and abandoned city. Roaming the streets with to-go cups (yes, we acted as if Manhattan was Cancun on spring break) and my own personal paparazzi, we kept ourselves more than a little entertained.

The only way to keep cool during hot July nights is with your hair as far off your back as possible, t-shirts with plenty of ventilation, and short shorts.  The boots may appear to be an odd choice, but with the unpredictability of downpours this past week, I’d had my sandals drenched and trekked through enough puddles posing as ponds to have learned my lesson.

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kirsten smith

t-shirt: UNIF Clothing (similar), shorts: American Apparel, boots: Frye, bag: Amrita Singh, bracelet: Chan Luu

kirsten smithThe heat is on.