Why Did You Wear That: What Was She Wearing On Her Head?

By |December 23rd, 2008|Celebrity Style, Why Did You Wear That?|


For anyone who watched The Hills finale last night, you are probably wondering, “What on earth was Whitney wearing on her head?” I am too. (Yes, I watched The Hills. It’s like a car crash, you can’t help but look).

I understand it was a “party” and all, but a flower crown? I haven’t seen one of those since my 5th birthday party. Whitney, who is normally very well dressed and pulled together really threw a curve ball last night.

I understand now she’s living in “the big city” and everything, but I live in New York and I do NOT see girls running around with flower headbands, especially not in the 13 degree weather (yes, that’s how cold it was here last night).

Anyone want to try and explain this?

I will scream if I start seeing girls wearing these things on their heads now that Whitney did.