Why Did You Wear That: Step It Up

By |November 24th, 2009|Why Did You Wear That?|


Dear ladies who wear sneakers on your commute,

I’ve asked you to please stop once.  I am going to ask you again. Consider it an early Christmas present for me? What if I bargain with you?

Okay, well, I have found a happy medium for us.  FitFlop now makes their amazing “workout in a shoe” in a boot style. Looks a little bit like an UGG boot, but that’s better than white sneakers. So for whatever reason you think you need to wear sneakers on your commute- whether it be comfort (ha! beauty is pain, ladies), or a physical ailment, these babies will be not only comfortable, but also somewhat stylish.

pBBW1-6655962dtFitFlop MukLuk, $140

pBBW1-6655942dtFitFlop Inuk, $200

045_chocolate_1Anna Sui for FitFlop Shakoha, $195

They’re not Louboutins, but they’ll have to do. Happy commuting.