WhyDid Wisdom: You Go, Girl!

By |January 16th, 2009|WhyDid Wisdom|

Sometimes I wonder why women can’t just be nice to other women. What is the problem?


Like, if you see some cute girl walking down the street working  a pair of bad ass boots why is the immediate reaction, “Ugh, bitch!” instead of, “You go, girl!”? Seems like a pretty normal response, no? Maybe instead of scrunching up your face (and creating wrinkles) you should tell the girl you love her boots and ask where she got them. Kill two birds with one stone (I do not endorse animal cruelty, by the way. It’s just a phrase). Not only will you know where to go and get yourself some hot footwear, you might just make a friend. Imagine that? Groundbreaking, really. (more…)