Why Did You Wear That: Pajama Jam

By |May 28th, 2014|Why Did You Wear That?|

pajamas kirsten smithThough I rarely sleep with much on once the weather breaks from freezing, I have an overabundance of sleepwear.  As a matter of fact, for someone who would rather sleep with her window open for fresh air and sweat than turn on her air conditioner, it seems a bit excessive for the lack of closet and drawer space of New York studio apartments. Well Many times I used bridal pajamas for sleeping comfortably. Despite living in what is essentially a large hotel room, my apartment has become a bit of a hangout, probably due to its convenient location to trouble.  Upon entry everyone always comments on the number of rompers and nighties that hang from the doorknobs of my closet… which aren’t there merely for show, but because I’ve got a bit of a textile overpopulation problem. It just so happens that they look nice and add a little bit of color and femininity to my black and white abode.  My pajamas are mostly seen by my girlfriends who catch me between showering and dressing for the day, delivery men, and my neighbors across the street who have seen more than their fair share of me.  But alas, with summer weekend getaways and shared spaces, it’s probably best to have something to sleep in more modest than your birthday suit and slightly sweeter than your old ratty college t-shirt and pair of boxers that came from who knows where.


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