Beauty Buzz: Take Your Vitamins!

By |March 21st, 2009|Beauty Buzz|


You’ve heard of pharmaceuticals,and you’ve most likely heard of cosmaceuticals, but the newest kid on the block is nutraceuticals.

Neutraceuticals are vitamins and supplements that are taken daily to address health issues internally.  From cancer to acne, they all have claims to help alleviate your ailments.

Brands like Perricone MD, Elemis, and Borba all have created supplements for skin and body.  Some claim to give you younger glowing skin, while others help to manage weight.  While most have not been evaluated by the FDA, they do produce results.

I’m a sucker for things like this, so I decided to start taking the Skin and Total Body Supplements from Perricone MD about a month and a half ago. My hair has grown about 8 feet (okay, an inch), my nails are stronger and people have definitely commented on how good my skin looks. These supplements aren’t cheap, but I think they are totally worth it.