Beauty Buzz: Roll Out

By |April 13th, 2010|Beauty Buzz|

People are always asking me what I did to get so much volume in my hair (even without the weave, folks). When I don’t blow my hair completely straight (more a result of me being lazy and not having enough time), I slap in some old school hot rollers. That’s right, rollers. The kind that your mom used back in the 80’s when you were a mere fetus. The ones I own (and actually swiped from my mom) are an older model of these:

2050458Conair Jumbo Roller Instant Heat Hair Setter, $33.99

Everyone doubts me when I tell them all it takes is a set of jumbo rollers to add oomph to your wimpy ‘do. Yesterday we slapped them into our lovely photographer, Kellie Sliwa’s, luscious locks which she claims just won’t hold curl… and voila! She had a beautiful mane of heavenly curls. So how does one create vamp hair?

  • Wash and condition hair as usual.
  • Blow dry with flat brush to get the moisture out and smooth the tangles.
  • Spritz (lightly) with hairspray.
  • Section hair off and start at the back bottom and work your way to the top.
  • Leave in hair while you do your makeup or pick out your outfit (although that one could take a while).
  • Remove curlers in the order which you put them in (i.e., start from the back bottom).
  • Shake out curls and spritz again. Do NOT brush.
  • Boom! You’re a bombshell (but not a Bombshell McGee).

Happy curling!





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