WhyDid Wisdom: Thin Is Not Always In

By |April 4th, 2010|WhyDid Wisdom|


I’m taking a break from my usual catty BS, to talk about something kinda of serious (and I don’t mean visible panty lines). I’m sort of torn about writing this because I don’t want to encourage it- just bring some awareness to it.

In the midst of our grueling photoshoot last week, something called “thinspiration” came up. Our makeup artist, the lovely and talented Stephanie Peterson, informed us of a growing epidemic of girls posting videos on YouTube of rail thin girls who they are using as inspiration to get/stay thin. I watched a couple of these videos (of which there are HUNDREDS) and it was utterly disturbing. First of all, most of the girls are so young they probably aren’t even in highschool. Also, they are not Gisele “fit” thin. They are skeletal. Not cute. Actually scary.


I know I make jokes about being thin (and my friends would argue I have a severe case of body dysmorphia), but that’s just it… they’re jokes. Starving yourself and aspiring to be stick thin is kind of wack a doo. There’s a huge difference between leading a healthy lifestyle, eating right, and exercising and eating cotton balls to fill your stomach. Being too thin is NEVER sexy. No guy wants to haul around a bag of bones!  Trust me, I was told to “go eat a porkchop” by a man on the street when we were shooting. We all have issues with our bodies, but there’s no need to starve yourself and put your health in danger. I’ve been lucky enough to not have to deal with eating disorders personally (neither myself nor my close friends), but if you or someone you know is starting to look a bit frail try and get some help before it gets out of hand.


So who is to blame for all of this? Perhaps the fashion world. Perhaps Hollywood. Perhaps photoshop. Regardless, there is apparently a lot of pressure being put on young girls to be thin and we, as a whole, need to do something to let girls know that curves and womanly bodies are sexy and healthy. I’m not saying to hit Mickey D’s and pound a Big Mac, but no need to deny yourself life’s little pleasures (like chocolate!).

laetitia-casta-victoria-secrets-lingerie-2Life is short, eat dessert.