Why Did You Wear That: Beach Blanket Babe (ModCloth + Wanelo, Uniquely You)

By |March 27th, 2014|Why Did You Wear That?|

beach blanket bingoPerhaps my swimsuit guide was a bit presumptuous as we are a week into spring and only a few days away from April and yet I’m still swaddled in cashmere scarves and slouchy beanies.  As a matter of fact, it flurried the other night on my way crosstown.  So, if you, like me, jumped the gun and can’t wait to wear your new suit, try using a one piece as a body suit much like the look I’ve created from ModCloth below.

retro swimsuit1. Day to Daylight Hat, 2. Esther Williams Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece, 3. Lip Stain in Red Velvet, 4. Blogger Conference Pants, 5. Prism is a Dancer Wedge, 6. Lomography Konstruktor 35mm SLR DIY Camera Kit, 7. Bygone Beaches Bag, 8. Ice Cream or Cola Sunglasses





Setting the Mood: Beach Blanket Bingo

By |May 14th, 2012|Setting the Mood|

iconic bikinis Next to being naked, there’s nothing I’d rather be wearing than a bikini.  Quite strange coming from someone who writes about clothes on a daily basis- the irony is not lost on me.  I don’t know what started it.  Perhaps that “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” dance recital number?  I have more bathing suits than one probably should (and could) ever possibly wear.  I can’t stop my retail impulses when I spot a perfect two piece. And my love affair with swimwear doesn’t stop with string bikinis.

These ladies wearing some of the most iconic bathing suits prove that a bikini doesn’t necessarily have to be teeny and a bathing suit doesn’t have to be all T & A to be sexy.

retro bathing suitsLisa Marie Fernandez The Garance Glossed Swimsuit, $260, Chloe Lace-Up Bandeau Bikini, $460, Stella McCartney Cutout Printed Swimsuit, $665