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This morning I was lucky enough to be asked to volunteer my face for a makeup class that Linda Mason was teaching at her workshop in Soho. I remembered that many, many moons ago, Ms. Mason was the makeup artist for a runway show that I was in.  That particular show was a bit “abstract” (read- I had plants in my hair and a yellow triangle on my eye), so I wasn’t exactly sure what I had gotten myself into, but was very pleasantly surprised.

Today, the students were learning about “bridal makeup.”   Linda wanted me to tell them what kind of bride I would like to be. Ha! This has got to be a sick joke.  I have no idea what type of bride I would like to be. So, I guess that made me the “indecisive bride.”  Anyway, Linda did a demonstration for the students on my face where she played with different styles. My right eye was a soft, romantic bride while the left was more glamourous and sexy. She filled in my lips with pink and then red. She added shadow and tweaked liner. She was able to create several different looks with just little changes to my makeup. Each one was more stunning than the next. This woman is clearly a genius, I decided.

The students then took a break and my face was cleaned off. When they got back, the students got a chance to recreate the looks. A young lady taking her first makeup course was in charge of my next look. I was not facing a mirror, so I had no idea what she was doing. I snuck a glance or two and saw that she was using shades of blue and coral, and I’m not going to lie, I got a little bit nervous. I figured I was about to be “80’s bride.”  However, when she was finished, I was amazed. She did a wonderful job and I left Linda’s workshop looking like a supermodel.

Chatting with Linda, you would never realize that she has quite the resume. She’s charming and sweet, but don’t be fooled.  She’s painted the faces of models, actresses, and celebrities (Charlize Theron, Naomi Campbell, Joan Jett, Sarah Ferguson to name a few).

If you are a bride who knows what kind of bride she’d like to be, you are an aspiring makeup artist, or you just love makeup, you need to get down to The Art of Beauty.  I know that when(if) the big day comes for me, I will most definitely entrust my face to Linda Mason.

The Art of Beauty -Linda Mason

26 Grand Street