Monday Mashup: Haunting Resemblance

By |October 24th, 2011|Monday Mashup|

We’ve all had our share of makeup mishaps (um, my neck and face were living two separate lives all through middle school), but sometimes cosmetics gone wild can really foul up a lady’s appearance.  While makeup was created to make us look that much more beautiful, in some instances, it can be downright scary.  Sadly, even celebrities with the best in the business in their arsenals can have their very own makeup misdemeanors.  While some may be only minor… others leave these ladies looking hauntingly similar to some of our very favorite spooky Halloween characters.  Pretty sure these photos speak for themselves:

Yikes!  Someone hand me a Wet Wipe!




Friday Frocks: Blue Jean Baby

By |August 5th, 2011|Friday Frocks, Why Did You Wear That?|

There’s nothing more American than denim… and apple pie… and apparently Sienna Miller taming a tiger.  Perhaps you’re not the type of girl who likes to slip into skin tight jeans, but  you’d still like to try to show some patriotism by wearing this heavy duty fabric.  Today’s your lucky day!  By God, every day is your lucky day because you live in America!  Denim isn’t reserved strictly for your stems these days.  Just take a look at how these stylish celebs (and America’s favorite Brit) have been wearing their blue jeans.

Who knew denim could make for such fabulous frocks?  By wearing you blues in dress form, you are giving a casually playful look that is perfect for summer barbecues, running errands, and lunching with girlfriends.  Depending on shoes and and accessories, this look can be dressed up or dressed down.  Just like jeans, denim frocks are very versatile.

1. Burberry Brit Denim Blue Sleeveless Pintuck Dress, $207, 2. Sandro Respire Denim Effect Shirt Dress, $335, 3. Quicksilver Wind Swells Dress, $64.50, 4. Forever 21 Denim Wrap Dress, $27.80, 5. Current Elliot Dark Tin Belted Denim Dress, $470, 6. Top Shop Denim Jersey Pinafore Dress, $65, 7. Rebecca Taylor Quilted Denim Dress, $325, 8. COPE Snap Front Chambray Dress, $39.99, 9. Hurley Wilson YC Denim Dress, $44, 10. Quicksilver Gypsy Tour Dress, $41.65



Photo via Denimology