Why Did You Wear That: Fully Illustrated

By |March 12th, 2010|Why Did You Wear That?|


Okay, now that we’ve determined your body type and your swimsuit needs, it’s time to go find that special suit. Where is the best place to look for sexy bikinis? Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, of course! I buy the swimsuit issue every year because- um, hello, I’m bikini obsessed and it makes for a great motivator to get your lazy butt up and to the gym, specially when you see those amazing pieces from https://thehermoza.com/collections/swimwear. Something about gazing at Bar Rafaeli’s rump just seems to do the trick. Anyway, I’ve gone ahead and compiled some of my favorites from this year’s issue and found exactly where you can buy them. I know, I really am too kind.


Susan Holmes Silver Studded bikini, $184

(page 21)

12645La Blanca triangle top, $59, string bottom, $49

(page 119)

10_daniellasarahyba_behind_07Maui Girl O Romeo bikini, $180

(page 111)

12641Sauvage Sliding Triangle top, $94, hipster, $92

(page 149)

12635Luli Fama triangle top, $73, string Brazilian bottom, $73

(page 133)

irissinger_2098_196064627Mara Hoffman 3 strap bikini, $175

(page 74)

10_julieordon_27Maui Girl Emerald Peacock bikini, $200

(Reebok foldout)

itsy1Beauty and the Beach itsy crochet shimmer bikini, $92

(page 107)

1265937635Becca Animal Magnetism bikini, $285

(page 108)

skyler2_largeMikoh Skyler one piece, $185

(page 110)

si_Primary Large_452Agua Bendita Bendito Biscuit bikini, $198

(page 161)

10_genevieve-morton_28Ana Kosturova Beach Goddess bikini, $145

(page 177)

Now, get to shopping. It’s time to hit the beach.