Why Did You Wear That: Ribs + Cleavage = Ribbage

By |February 26th, 2013|Why Did You Wear That?|

spring 2013 trends crop topHow’s that New Year’s resolution going?  Good I hope since one of spring 2013’s biggest trends requires baring a bit of skin.  Oh, that’s right, ladies, get your abdominals in check, cause they will be spring (into summer)’s leading ladies.  The look already made an appearance last spring, but didn’t pick up mass momentum.  Remember how much you hated this look? (I loved it).  Well, looks like we (yes, we) are giving it another go once the frost breaks and fortunately the crop top of the season is FUPA friendly.  You see, the key to achieving the look is showing the bit of skin above your belly button and right below the ribs.  So pair a short top with a higher waisted skirt or shorts and you’ll be giving all the right kind of ribbage.  (Should you need an ab blasting workout…)

sex and the city il cantonoriCarrie Bradshaw and I have always been fans of baring our bellies and if Herve Leger has any say in it, the trend will just continue right on into to fall.  So, whattya say, ladies?



Look for Less: Sweat Style

By |October 16th, 2011|Look for Less, Why Did You Wear That?|


While we’re on the subject (and conveniently now have the best workout playlist ever), let’s take a look at some svelte starlets in their workout gear.  You didn’t think they just looked that good with no hard work, did you?  No, it takes a lot of time and effort at the gym along with the smallest caloric intake possible (kidding about that last part… kind of).  Anyway, These ladies know that it’s important to be dressed properly for their grueling iron pumping sessions.

I, too, understand the importance of a good workout.  I mean, have you seen my ab workout??!!

1. C9 by Champion Racerback Bra, $14.99, 2. Victoria’s Secret Yoga Foldover Crop Legging, $29.50, 3. So Low Oversized Dolman Zip Hoodie, $95, 4. New Balance Set of 2 Stretch Performance Camisoles, $28, 5. Nike Lunar Sweet Victory + 2 Training Shoe, $100, 6. Forever 21 Hair Tie Ball, $3.50

This is one of the very few times where something resembling leggings must be worn as pants.  That does not make it okay to prance around town all day in them when you’re through at the gym.  For instance, I do not want to see you strolling into brunch post workout in your leggings and sitting down next to me.  Your cameltoe is not good for my appetite…

Not only is looking good while you glisten crucial, but wearing the right shoes and right bra will also save you from injuries and gravity.  Now drop and give me twenty!