kirsten-smith-del-monte-beach9Last night, I was bamboozled by an eight pound maltipoo.  I had been running from meeting to meeting all day and when I stopped home around 5:30pm to charge my phone, grab a birthday card, and find something to stuff into my mouth before bouncing to yet another obligation, Smitty provided me with an Oscar worthy performance.  Having dealt with last year’s health scare, I’ve become especially sensitive to my precious pup’s behavior and he was displaying all but identical symptoms to those that landed him in the doggy ER.  I canceled plans and apologized and spent the rest of the evening rubbing Smitty’s gurgling belly and Googling his symptoms (do not do this.  It’s just as terrifying as WebMD).  A call to the emergency vet confirmed that Smitty did not have canine bloat and by 3am, I was finally able to feel comfortable enough to get a bit of sleep.  When I awoke this morning, I suffered a mild attack of panic when he did not immediately rouse from his deep slumber, but when he did it was as if he had no recollection of last night’s maladies.  He was just happy to have me as his personal body pillow.  You win, Smitty.  Your move, Cumberbatch.

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