how to draw a star

People often ask about your favorite color or favorite movie, but rarely does someone inquire as to what your favorite shape might be.  The obvious answer would be parallelogram or rhombus, but I’ve always been partial to stars.  Some girls love to dot their “i’s” with hearts, but I’ve never been one to do that- or to make big gaping “o’s” over them either.  I never mastered bubble letters and finally came to terms with the fact that my handwriting would always be a perfect blend between my father’s precision like engineer pen strokes and my mom’s loopy artist’s scrawl.  But that’s neither here nor there, because who actually picks up a pen these days? (me).

So, back to my favorite shape.  Aesthetically speaking, I suppose I prefer clean sharp lines, but perhaps my pension for stars is a bit more mystical.  And there very well may be a star permanently etched onto my skin- somewhere that, ironically can only be seen by the public when the sun is out.  But this is all hearsay.  In honor of my favorite shape and that holiday coming up celebrating our country’s beautiful independence, here’s some star spangled style sure to make those thirteen original colonies proud.

star-spangled-clothing1. Equipment Slim Signature Printed Washed Silk Shirt, 2. Jimmy Choo Demi Embellished Lizard Effect Leather Slip On Sneakers, 3. Chaser Rainbow Stars Tee, 4. Estee Lauder Limited Edition Shining Stars Compact, 5. Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Open Star Lariat Necklace, 6. Wildfox Seeing Stars Loose Knit Sweater, 7. Stella McCartney Star Skinny Boyfriend Jeans, 8. Gorjana Star Bracelet, 9. J. Crew Hubble Star Print Triangle Top and Bikini Briefs, 10. Lovers + Friends Picnic Crop Top, 11. Rebecca Minkoff Star Stud Leo Clutch, 12. Red Valentino Star Tweed Shorts,  13. Banjo & Matilda Star Crew Intarsia Cashmere Sweater