kirsten smith love grace3Contrary to popular belief, my Instagram feed, and my checking account, one of my favorite things to do is stay home and be alone… with Smitty.  Every once in a while I need some “me” time to refocus and reflect, to do all the work and mundane tasks- like bill paying and closet reorganizing that I’ve neglected and all but forgotten while out on the town with my fabulous friends.  Now and again I need a detox— from myself.  Even when I’m alone, I take pride in my appearance.  I mean, there are more than several mirrors strewn about my humble abode.  Even my antique dresser is reflective.  The only person I’m hurting by looking like a hot homeless mess when home alone is myself.  You see, I’m the type of gal who dabs on her favorite perfume before bed and let’s be clear, the only man sharing my bed is very hairy.  I like to feel good for myself, so when Love+Grace was kind enough to send over some PJ’s in the prettiest shade of pale pink, I could hardly wait to schedule a date with myself.  And that I did.  Made from the softest cotton that drapes and clings in all the right places, these pajamas are both comfortable and cute.  As I passed my full length mirror, prosecco in hand, I thought to myself, “Damn, it’s too bad I’m home all alone.”

kirsten smith smitty

kirsten smith love grace2

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kirsten smith smitty

kirsten smith love grace

kirsten smith love grace4pajamas: c/o Love+Grace, dog: Smitty, dog pajamas: custom (seriously)