kirsten smith whydidSure, as a New Yorker, it’s a given that my favorite “color” is black.  However, if you want to know the way to my heart, take me to see the sun set… or rise.  The color of the sky never gets old to me.  Every single day is a different variation that takes my breath away.  I’d say the thing I miss most about California other than daily morning coffee and cocktail hour with my dad is the sky.  Smitty would say it’s having more than 500 square feet of wood floor to run on.  I tried to take a hike- literally- every evening to be quiet and alone and watch the color of the sun and the way it painted the hills different shades of glorious each evening.  There isn’t a whole lot of that here in the city, hell, we can’t even see the stars, but I’m fortunate enough to have a rooftop that overlooks a lot of the city and Hudson River, so even if I can’t see the Big Dipper on the regular, I can take a rose gold sunset from time to time.  And hey, when there aren’t a bunch of bros drinking Stella upstairs, sometimes, I even get a sacred moment of silence.

nyc sky kirsten smith

kirsten smith nyc

pastel sky

kirsten smith whydid skirt: Zara, top: American Apparel, bralette: Victoria’s Secret, clutch: Alexander Wang, shoes:





Photos by  Brian Schutza