leather and laceOn more than one occasion I’ve been called a paradox; a walking contradiction.  At first glance you may think you could quickly delegate me to one box, but after a conversation and cocktail, you may be moving me to another.  And just when you think you’ve got me figured out, look out for that curve ball because it’s coming.

I don’t like predictability and following the herd makes me more than uncomfortable.  I think there’s much to be said for mixing things up and keeping people guessing, especially when getting dressed.  This is precisely why leather and lace are the perfect complement to one another.  While lace could be overly feminine or somewhat sexy, leather is tough enough to tip the scales from prissy to powerful.  A head to toe leather look would have you reminiscent of catwoman and all over lace could land you somewhere between a Victorian and 80’s Madonna.  However, when the two are combined, the look is lethal.

DKNY Leather Paneled Lace Top, Saint Laurent Leather Bra Top, Karl Lagerfeld Delphie Coated Leather Mini Skirt, Mason by Michelle Mason Leather Trimmed Lace Dress