Speaking of one pieces… this week let’s ditch the frocks for something less formal.  While a onesie can still be dressed up for a night out on the town, sometimes a gal needs a little coverage of the crotchal region.  Maybe you’ll be tackling the new Citi Bikes, or perhaps there are high kicks in your future, in any case, a little bit of modesty goes a long way.  What better way than in a jumpsuit or romper?  (Answer: there is no better way).

1.Splendid Cotton and Modal Jersey Jumpsuit, 2. findersKEEPERS By the Way Romper, 3. Lucca Couture Zipper Front Romper, 4. Emerson Thorpe Juliette Wrap Front Halter Jumper, 5. T by Alexander Wang Paneled Silk Crepe de Chine Playsuit, 6. Kimchi Blue Tie-Front Romper, 7. Dolce Vita Makayla Romper, 8. Young Fabulous & Broke Gracie Jumpsuit, 9. OAK Hooded Cotton Fleece Playsuit, 10. ONE by Novella Novella Jumpsuit