Every year, music fans flock to the desert to listen to their favorite bands and just cut loose.  This music filled phenomenon is called Coachella.  Now, for me, being subjected to large smelly, sweaty, intoxicated crowds is my worst nightmare realized.  I have a hard enough time navigating public transit.  However, there are some of you who live for these types of Woodstock wet dreams, so you’re going to need to dress the part.  Basically, this is your chance to live out your hippie boho dreams.

A few tips:

  • The dirtier/more careless you look, the better.  AKA: no shower, no problem.
  • Never use Paris Hilton as a style reference even though she continuously attends.
  • Pants are apparently optional.
  • Just please put on some shoes.

To be clear, not much has changed from last year.

Stela 9 Santiago Patchwork Backpack, Lovely Bird Biarritz Floppy Hat with Braid, Linda Farrow Metal and Watersnake Teashade Sunglasses, Acne The Pistol Brushed Leather Ankle Boots

I will not be seeing you there.