swimwear beach inspirationRecently, people just kept throwing out the term, “spring break” and not in reference to the questionable Disney Channel graduates’ movie.  While, spring break doesn’t mean much to me anymore, I did partake in several years of beachside debauchery without ever returning home with a tramp stamp or body piercing.  I don’t know about you, but I call that success.   Despite your stance on spring break, one must realize it is kind of a rite of passage wherein young people discover spring flings, alcohol by the yard, and the importance of chlorine in public swimming pools.  So whether spring break is just a distant memory or something you still have yet to indulge in, get yourself in the mood with bright bikinis, shiny sunglasses, and shady headwear.

1. Matthew Williamson Digital Blossom Printed Triangle Bikini, 2. Eugenia Kim Gabriella Appliqued Toyo Sunhat, 3. Linda Farrow for The Row Rounded Sunglasses, 4. TKEES Blends Ombre Flip Flop