peach roseMuch like fabrics go in and out of vogue (corduroy, velvet, flannel), so do precious metals.  There was a time when one might shudder to see someone wearing yellow gold and then roles reversed and sterling silver was anything but chic.  However, there is another shade of shimmer that is most flattering on all skin tones.  Yellow gold can be too warm while silver and platinum can be too cool, yet rose gold is the perfect in between shade for skin tones of plaster porcelain to dark chocolate.  I’m not sure jewelry could be more feminine than when crafted from rose gold.  I’ve even said that I’d like my next (yes, next) engagement ring to be rose gold.  Hey, nothing wrong with planning ahead (sometimes referred to as “wishful thinking”).  But until my perfect prince charming shows up on his perfect pony with a perfect piece of jewelry for my perfectly manicured ring finger, these rose gold accessories will just have to hold me over (and you too!).

rose gold accessories1. CC SKYE Mirror Clutch, $275, 2. Oscar de la Renta Rose Gold Plated Tiered Clip-On Earrings, $180, 3. Shashi Lura Bracelet, $66, 4. Jules Smith Edie Knuckle Ring, $65, 5. Victoria Beckham Square Frame 18k Rose Gold Plated Sunglasses, $745, 6. Michael Kors Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch, $250, 7. Balenciaga Arena Giant Rose Gold Money, $555, 8. Pamela Love Rose Gold Dagger Necklace, $180, 9. Alexis Bittar Bel Air Druzy Ribbon Cuff, $245, 10. Alexander Wang Black Rocco with Rose Gold, $895

Some day my prince will come… til’ then, everything’s coming up roses.